Five Values

Bettering ourselves through our actions and words


The strength to embrace silence and the will to build an interior life founded upon an honest desire to truly listen to others.


A man who strives for a life of charity and service is more patient, kinder, and more forgiving of the flaws of others.


A man who is pure of thought, word, and deed does not shrink from adversity or lofty goals.


A man who is willing to endure scorn or ostracism rather than conform to the pressures of peers, superiors, or the fashion of the day.


A man who loves his country, remaining consistently engaged in its affairs.


Our Executive Board

Brooks Gearhart


Junior marketing, supply chain management major. He will be interning with Morgan Stanley in Baltimore this summer.

Kwame Kumah

Vice President

Junior finance major. He will be interning with Goldman Sachs Private Wealth Management in Philadelphia this summer.

Ryan Gentry


Senior mathematics, aerospace engineering major. He will be interning at the Bio-Imaging Lab at Marlyand this summer.

Victor Sellemi

Recruitment Director

Junior physics, applied math major. He has previously interned at RECEPTYV researching emerging technologies in energy systems.

To Better the Man

Creating and perpetuating the idea of brotherhood

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